Investment & Revenue


Floyd’s 99 Barbershop occupies a unique position in the salon franchise market because we’re not competing in the discount space. Founders and owners Paul, Bill, and Rob O’Brien saw Floyd’s as an opportunity to step into an underserved niche, creating a client-first barbershop franchise offering premium services at an affordable price that lies between high-end independents and discount chains.

Initial Investment* (Individual UNIT)

  • Type of Expenditure
  • Initial Franchise Fee
  • Building & Tenant Improvements
  • Equipment, Furnishings, Finishes & Supplies
  • Signs
  • Point-of-Sale System, Software, Office Equipment,
    Audio/Video, IT & Electronics
  • Opening Inventory & Supplies
  • Security Deposits, Utility Deposits, Business Licenses
  • Initial Advertising & Marketing Campaign
  • Initial Training: Travel & Living Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Professional Fees
  • Additional Funds - 3 Months
  • Total

What to Expect from Our Franchise

With over 25 years of experience as a respected barbershop brand, Floyd’s knows how to help our franchise partners set up their shops to become profitable franchises. While we are unable to predict or guarantee any earnings, you can talk directly with Floyd's franchisees. They can share with you their successes and insider details about being a Floyd's franchisee.

Multiple revenue streams and brand recognition and longevity provide many opportunities for profitability. Floyd’s carries a proprietary line of men’s grooming products that can make up as much as 8% of your revenue while simultaneously offering your barbers and stylists a chance to earn commissions on the upsell. The retail line also carries an average profit margin of 60%.

  • “Floyd's has been amazing. The brothers, the whole team, the corporate office. The multi-unit franchising is perfect because you're not going to be massive unless you choose to, but you're just big enough where you can get out there.”

    - Jay Palmer
  • “We have an amazing brand. We have a unique experience within the right category of the industry to target. Our blended quality and value proposition are better than anyone else, along with a relaxed, cool, and energetic experience.”

    - Bob Gregg
  • “If you ask me what the culture is, the one word that always comes to mind is family. It's a culturally diverse team that can service all clients, do all types of haircuts, and have a connected message.”

    - Courtney Lindley
  • “We were looking for something that did have a culture, that did have an energy and a vibe… We saw there were a lot of opportunities there to make money based on what they were already doing.”

    - Justin Micatrotto

Recession-Resistant & Always in Demand

Our revenue comes from cuts, color, shaves, waxing, and our retail line. We tend to do best in areas of 100,000 population or higher and in neighborhoods where the average income exceeds $75,000 per household. We’re primarily focused on men’s styling and grooming but also provide services for women and children. Even in a down market, Floyd’s has the potential to capture those customers who no longer want to pay $70 for a cut but still want stylish results that might be hard to find at a discount hair salon.

Employee Training Maximizes Returns

Employee turnover can be one of the costliest hidden expenses in any business. We have a nice hedge against high turnover with The Floyd’s Academy. “It's provided education,” Wehrer says. “Our employees are provided best-in class training opportunities that are focused on business specific areas such as retail, maximizing ticket average, upselling service enhancements, building your book of business and client retention.” That has helped boost Floyd’s average labor retention to between 35%-40%, well above the 25% industry standard. Given that the cost of recruiting and training a new employee can be the equivalent of 6-9 months of that employee’s salary, the advantages are measurable.

Former Foodservice Franchisees See Clear Benefits Profitable Franchises Are Built on the Strength of the Brand

“If you manage it correctly, there's a profit margin benefit,” said Bob Gregg, a multi-unit owner in Texas with experience in food franchising. “You have a lower initial investment on building out the space. You have the ability to get rent and occupancy numbers that are much cheaper than restaurant spaces. If you manage the business right and build the right team to surround you and market effectively within the community to drive a quality-first experience, you could have better margins than most restaurant franchises.” 

Costs & Fees

Now is a great time to join a successful franchise that's different, edgy, and just plain cool. Our shops are designed to have a fun, engaging neighborhood-hangout feel with great music, high energy and a full menu of services for men, women, and kids.

Opening an individual Floyd’s 99 Barbershop franchise typically costs between $399,500 - $762,500*, according to our current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Floyd’s startup costs will vary depending on the market. Development fees are $49,500 for each of your first and second barbershops and $34,500 for each additional barbershop in a multi-unit Development Agreement.* We’re seeking candidates with a net worth of a minimum $1.5 million and liquidity of $500,000.

Floyd's Franchise Opportunities

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