• We Have a Unique Experience

    We have an amazing brand. We have a unique experience within the right category of the industry to target. From a quality and value perspective, I think that our blended quality and value proposition is better than anyone else, along with a relaxed, cool, and energetic experience. I think it's wrapped around all of that.

    At the end of the day, the output is we're cutting hair, but it's a people business and we have to put people first in that business. We have to be involved in it every day in order to know and understand the challenges that those people face in leading their teams, and then be able to develop and create the support that they need in order to be most successful.

    - Bob Gregg

    Multi-Unit Owner, TX
  • The Multi-Unit Franchising is Perfect

    Corporate is amazing. From the very get-go, even prior to your construction, you get on these weekly calls with the VP of facilities where they go over things that need to be done. It streamlines the process. You don't make mistakes, you don't have to go back and try to do something you missed because you're always on top of it. Basically, anything I need, I can call corporate and they will help me.

    Floyd's has been amazing. The brothers, the whole team, the corporate office. The multi-unit franchising is perfect because you're not going to be massive unless you choose to, but you're just big enough where you can get out there. You can go to your stores, you can have those relationships and you can do well. I love it.

    - Jay Palmer

    Multi-Unit Owner, CO
  • We Can Service All Clients

    If you ask me what the culture is, the one word that always comes to mind is family. It's a culturally diverse team that can service all clients, do all types of haircuts, and have a connected message. I'd say 90% of our stylists can do just about anything. Whether it's my wife's hair or my kid's hair, it doesn't matter. They're all great at what they do. They're friendly. And I would tell you that is who Floyd’s is. It's a fun environment. There's a lot of energy inside the shops and our stylists bring their A-game all the time because they love what they do. And it's a fun, fun place to work and get your hair cut.

    Throughout this entire process, I think we've always been bullish on this brand. I love it -- it is the look inside the shop, it is the experience we give to all of our clients. And it's the family atmosphere. I think those are critical to what we have. I think when people walk out of our shop, they're like, man, you guys do a great job because all the stylists and then the shops are so great.. I can go see anybody, and everybody can do a great haircut, right? That probably continues to be the most dynamic thing that we can provide.

    - Courtney Lindley

    Multi-Unit Owner, TX
  • A Lot of Opportunities

    After seeing enough of what was going on there as a customer, and just the amount of heads that were coming in, I looked at it from that standpoint and said, okay, if that thing is making the kind of money that I think it is… Then, upon research and due diligence, we saw what they brought to the bottom line.

    A lot of other brands with thousands and thousands of units are pretty cookie-cutter, and they are what they are in their business profile. We were looking for something that did have a culture, that did have an energy and a vibe… We saw there were a lot of opportunities there to make money based on what they were already doing. There were a lot of opportunities to complement and do what we do best (as restaurant operators) that works with Floyd’s.

    - Justin Micatrotto

    Multi-Unit Owner, NV