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Clients Look Amazing, Feel Even Better When We ‘Take It to 11’

For a salon and barbershop franchise that thrives on repeat business, making clients feel pampered is everything

Clients leave Floyd’s 99 Barbershop franchise with smiles on their faces. Not just because they look good, but because they feel good. They’ve been treated like the rock stars they are. Our fun, high-energy vibe and careful attention to detail mean every client feels valued and listened to — and hopefully like they just had a little mini-vacation away from their daily worries.

Floyd’s is a nationally recognized brand that is respected for service and value to clients. That’s one big reason why ours is not an absentee model — our top-performing franchise partners are 100% engaged in the daily operations, which is how we maintain the consistency of our unique company culture.

As for the secrets behind that unparalleled client service, we’re prepared to spill the tea.

How we deliver great service, every time

“At Floyd’s, we refer to the service experience as ‘Take it to 11.’ That’s how we’ve branded it,” says Patrick Butler, Floyd’s Technical Director of Education. “It’s kind of a play on words: If you turn up the volume on your amplifier, your speaker typically goes to 10, and our goal is to take it to 11. Elevate that service experience even higher.”

To ensure that high-end service consistency, we have formulated the exact steps every Floyd’s team member follows to Take it to 11 with every client who comes in the door:

  1. Welcome client upon arrival. Our signature service starts as soon as the client enters the shop. They are greeted warmly by our front desk staff and welcomed as they have backstage passed. 
  2. Accurately quote wait time and manage their weight. No one likes that airline tactic: The announcement that the delay will be “just another 10 minutes.” At Floyd’s, we work in our walk-ins and accommodate our clients with appointments by letting them know the real deal.

Greet clients in the waiting area, shake hands and walk them to the station. Maybe we’ll just bump elbows now, but either way, clients will always feel catered to in a barbershop with an unmatched vibe.

  1. Provide a personalized consultation. Whether the client is a first-timer or a regular, barbers and stylists take the time to really understand what they’re looking for — and let them know we’re committed to giving them what they want.
  2. Suggest a massage shampoo and provide FREE to new clients. A massage shampoo, complete with a hot towel, is even more convenient since every styling chair is equipped with a shampoo bowl. Clients can sit back, relax and just enjoy the experience.
  3. Deliver haircut with mid-point check-in and hot-lather neck shave. Our barbers and stylists receive continuous education on their technical skills so they’re always up-to-date. And every barber service comes with a hot lather straight razor neck shave.
  4. Provide a rinse-off to help your client feel fresh and clean. Clients may be coming in on their lunch break or just before work or a big date. A rise-off lets them continue out the door feeling better than ever, ready to conquer whatever the day (or night) holds.
  5. Finish with a style and product recommendation. Floyd’s carries a proprietary line of men’s grooming products. Our staff is educated on that product line so they can help clients lock in their long after leaving the shop.
  6. Treat your client to a relaxing shoulder massage. Because one massage is never enough, we follow every haircut with an encore.
  • Recap the service and provide a final check-in. Anyone who’s ever gone home with a bad haircut or not-quite-right color knows it can be hard sometimes to speak up. That’s why we always ask the client if they got the service they expected and hoped for. We make it right, no matter what.
  1. Walk client to the front, shake hands (or bump elbows) and thank them. Repeat business is everything in a salon and barbershop franchise. And that warm welcome would cool a bit without capping a client visit with a warm goodbye, “thanks” and “please come back.”

Better service is better business

Our dedication to client service is a big draw for franchise partners because it boosts revenue.

“Those points of difference in our service really do offer a lot of value. By utilizing them, what you see is that we have higher client retention rates, loyalty rates, more retail sales, and sell-through higher services when all those points are definitely being applied,” Butler says. “So ‘Take it to 11’ is very important to us. We want it to be a great experience for a great value so that the client walks outgoing, ‘You know what? I did not expect that. I can’t believe that, and I’m definitely coming back.’”

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